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Why is Canada the land of the maple leaf the best place for immigration?


Do you dream of emigrating to a new country after completing your studies? Have you ever imagined that you are starting a new life with your family in a decent place? Are you one of the countless first-time buyers looking for a right home? Or do you want to start a business with numerous opportunities, but don’t know where to start?

Considering 75 factors such as travel and adventure experience, education system, location of investments and startups, citizenship, cultural and economic influence, entrepreneurship, sustainability and quality of life, Canada, and the other countries just behind Germany have stood out.

You might be intrigued, a lot of questions are on your mind now, and to begin with the beauty of the Land of the Maple Leaf, here are the reasons why Canada is the best place to immigrate.

Standard Education

Canada’s approach to education is commendable. In Canada, primary and secondary school is free and compulsory by age 5. With quality education in Canada, Canadian students perform above average in the OECD’s International Student Assessment Program, which attests to the prestige of the education system.

Health system

Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Almost all communities on Canadian soil have their hospitals, and most of their services are free to Canadians in the National Health Insurance Program.


It is considered one of the most beautiful places to travel and live, with many world heritage tourism sites, famous Niagara Falls and five advanced metropolitan areas which are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa. Canada is renowned for its culture and diversity, and its presence is considered the best for homeowners in North America.


Canada is a vast, technologically advanced country with a high standard of living, the entrepreneurial environment is stable, and if you want to start a business, it only takes less than two days and costs less than 1% of a person’s average income to start one. Canada also offers a self-employed and startup visa program for foreigners looking to start a business in the country.

The service sector is the most significant economic product in the country. Still, on the other hand, it is also characterized by the export of commodities such as energy, food and minerals. Canada is also ranked third in the world by oil reserves and the fifth-largest oil producer in the world.


Canada is a country that takes care of its residents. Canada offers many welfare programs, and other benefits like unemployment insurance, social bonuses, retirement schemes, old-age pensions, and childcare allowances are just a few of the many Canada deals for you.