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South Africa visas and work permits made easy – find out which type of visa or permit is right for you


African work permits and visa options for immigration to South Africa

South African regulations and standards for passing immigration to South Africa as a work permit or visa holder can seem complicated to immigrants and potential employers. For work permits alone, there are five different classes.

With the UK moving to a point-based immigration system, similar to Australia, this type of requirement has become the norm and has made South Africa’s immigration rules regarding work permits and visas even more confusing.

The main categories of work permits and visas are:

In-company transfers – People who need to relocate within their current or associated company to take up a temporary position in the South Africa process must apply in this category.

Quota work permit – South Africa suffers from a lack of skills in some occupations, and the Ministry of Labor recognizes this. Periodically, it is reviewed and revised according to the current human resources situation. Persons of appropriate qualifications and experience can apply for a quota system work permit. The great advantage of a quota system of work permit is that it can be issued before an individual gets a job offer, which makes it easier to find a job.

Exceptional Skills Permit – evaluated on a case-by-case basis, this permit applies to individuals with unique skills, experience and qualifications.

Individual work permit for the company – Many organizations need to recruit several foreigners, whether due to a lack of skills in South Africa or because of unique requirements to perform the role (for example, a foreign language requirement). A company can apply for a commercial license that permits them to hire a specified number of people for specific roles. Companies with these permits can apply for a sole proprietorship permit for their foreign employees.

General Work Permit – Applicants who do not fit into the other four categories must apply for a general work permit. It is not possible to apply for general work permits until a job offer has been received, and it should be noted that the employer had to provide evidence that he took specific actions in the search for a job. Suitable for South Africa before offering the position to a foreigner.

Work permit – companies can anticipate the immigration process by applying for a work permit. This permit is suitable for companies that have several vacancies that they plan to fill with foreign employees in the next two to three years.

With the global competition for a skilled workforce and a traveller mindset when it comes to travel, immigration is an integral part of recruitment strategies for employers and employees. Knowing the correct license can only be beneficial and often gives the employer and employee the benefit of getting the desired result.