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Read how to find the best driving position best for you


Do you get regular back and neck aches from driving or end up stuck in a clumsy driving position?

Don’t worry, we all do, and it takes a big toll on our bodies. This guide will teach you ways to enhance and find the simplest driving position for yourself.
Feeling comfortable and safe is extremely much needed while driving.

In this article, we’ll undergo the why, what, and the way you ought to correct them to seek out the simplest driving position for yourself.

Why does one need the simplest driving position?
In the case of an accident(touch wood), the incorrect driving position might decrease your survivability chances. Sitting too near the wheel wouldn’t provide you ample time for you to react within the event of a collision.

Also, when your airbag gets deployed, it might offer you the simplest smack of your life if you’re too on the brink of the wheel, leading to horrific facial injuries.

Likewise, if you sit too faraway from your wheel, you’ll need to endure a sore arm from having your arms being fully extended and holding the wheel .

The problem can also come from the make and model of your car. If you’re 185cm and driving alittle hatchback then that might cause issues because you would possibly be too big for the car. The question comes in then:

What is the optimal driving position for yourself?
Well, experts say that the comfortable and optimal position for sitting in your car should have your hips above your knees as this is able to assist your shoulder blades, providing more range for adjustment.

Adjusting your seat
This is what anyone should do once they get into their car. The seat controls vary on the vehicle and what you ought to be adjusting is your seat forward or backwards, height and backrest.

Slide your seat forward if your legs extend completely once you press the accelerator , if not slide your seat back if your legs are bent an excessive amount.
A general rule of thumb to live this, would be placing two fingers between the sting of your seat and therefore the back of your knee.

Seat height
Next, as we mentioned earlier, your hips should be above your knees. Thus, you’ve got to use your seat controls to boost your seat.

Ensuring you’ll see out of the windshield and windows. If you’re unable to regulate the peak of your seat, an easy cushion can assist you .

Seat backrest
For adjusting your backrest, it’s recommended that you simply recline your backrest to 100 degrees.

Encouraging comfortability for your drive. you ought to not need to lift your shoulders as you switch the wheel . If you’re having to lean forward, move your backrest up.

A good indicator that you’re within the optimal position is when your arms are slightly bent when holding the wheel .

How do you have to be sitting properly during a car?

  1. Sit together with your body all the way back to your seat
  2. Hold your wheel at a “10 and 2” or“ 9 and 3” position.
  3. keep your left foot on the dead pedal when not in use. Auto drivers, don’t use both feet in the least , just your right.

More tips for your drive

  1. Take breaks.
    When driving, always remember to require breaks every few hours especially if your occupation requires you to drive for long hours.

This is due to fatigue and it might cause more body aches. Find somewhere to prevent and stretch for a touch .

If you recognize that you simply are susceptible to body aches after driving, test drive the car before buying one and confirm it’s comfortable for you and your family.

Being within the optimal driving position where you’ll reach the wheel together with your elbows bent, watching the mirror with ease also are indicators.

We hope that this guide proves useful and helps you if you’ve got discomfort together with your current driving position.