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Quebec Skilled Workers Program- Tips for Applying as Immigrants


When applying to immigrate under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, most applicants will need to pass an interview. This interview process aims to determine the candidate’s adaptability to live in Quebec. Resilience points are an essential part of the skilled worker program. The Quebec immigration officer conducting the interview will verify adaptability in the following areas.

General knowledge of Quebec:

This includes information about the history, geography, culture, society, values, and laws of Quebec. It is important to study all the information available to the candidates on these topics.

To what extent was the candidate planning their emigration? This may include items such as an excellent working knowledge of the Quebec job market. Understanding how a candidate’s skill set fits into the workforce is also an important consideration. Applicants may be asked about their impression of essential living expenses in Quebec and how they plan to budget those expenses. Applicants may also be asked whether they have a Plan B if their initial plan for living conditions has not been successful.

The language will also be assessed during the interview: For applicants to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, French is the primary language, although English is also essential. You will need to provide evidence that you have passed French or English language test or both, issued by a unified third-party institution. Therefore, the better your French skills, the more points you will get in this section. It is vital that once the candidate reaches a level of proficiency in the French language, he strives to maintain it. As with most skills, if you don’t use them, you lose them.

Another step in the interview process is to review all documents submitted with the application. During the interview, you will need to have all the original documents you used for the form, including records related to education, job skills or training, and proof that the candidate has researched in Quebec and the Quebec job market. These can also include evidence that the applicant has sufficient funds to settle down and stay in Quebec while searching for work.

Proof of graduate studies or licenses required to work in specific fields may also be required. Skills such as engineering or fields related to medicine may need the candidate to apply for a permit in Quebec as well as in his country of origin. In some cases, it may be possible to initiate a license application before the application is officially accepted.