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Police Superintendent Kingsman Jackie bids farewell after a 30years career


Thursday was the ultimate time Supt Jackie Kingsman donned her police uniform and administered her duties at Blackpool’s West Division headquarters, after a 30-year career spent mostly within the resort.
According to her, she stayed five years at South Shore before she became a constable at Blackpool Central.

“It was all considerably Blackpool-centric in terms of my work and where that employment came from. it had been also about passing on the talents I learned to people .

He eventually moved into training, performing at the force’s headquarters in Hutton, to the south west of Preston, teaching inexperienced officers. She spent three years in a role that result to sparked her interest in people before she was promoted and moved back to Blackpool as a sergeant.

According to Jackie she thinks it is normal to mention i will be able to always regard West Division, and especially Blackpool, as my home place of labor . It’s in my work DNA, to be honest.
Jackie with a number of her South naval installation colleagues in 1998
Jackie with a number of her South naval installation colleagues in 1998.

Jackie said cuts to the force thanks to Government austerity merasures led to the toughest time in her career due to the impact on her colleagues.
According to her officially, it had been incredibly challenging because the morale of the staff was really low. Because we had to seek out savings it made it really difficult to tug numerous things in situ , especially around community policing.

There have been opportunities that came out of that to try to to things more efficiently and to try to to things better but it had been really hard, especially as a pacesetter , to stay staff motivated and focused to undertake and help them remember why they joined the police and make a difference to people’s lives.”

Covid has brought new problems. She said: but you usually knew or always wondered what was happening below the surface in terms of individuals needing our support and help.
it is definitely been very challenging, because we’ve had to adopt and alter the way we do things in terms of how we answer the general public .
Support also came from processes in situ around protecting our own staff and the way we ensure they’re protected to affect health also as manage and support the general public .”

Around 12 years ago, when she was a short lived chief inspector and her career was on an upward trajectory, Jackie’s husband was diagnosed with cancer.
The force taken care of me and my husband but sadly he died and it had been a very difficult time in my life. I also lost my father and an uncle a couple of weeks after my husband died so it had been a very tough time, but the organisation and my colleagues really taken care of me. It’s what made me realise it’s quite just employment , it’s a family.”

She said: “It has been worth every mile albeit and therefore the n|every now and then”> sometimes it’s tiring and the weather was terrible. I’ve encounter floods and roadworks, but it’s worthwhile because I’ve worked with a very great team.”

Jackie has looked forward to retiring but isn’t getting to put up her feet for too long.

I need to have a rest for a few of months and my husband retires from West Yorkshire Police in about six months time, therefore the plan for the longer term when the planet gets back on a good keel is to try to to some travelling.

I’m unsure exactly what yet, but it’ll definitely be with children , perhaps coaching and mentoring those who’ve had a troublesome time in life.”
Probably I might also get the cello of mine out from under the bed and find out how to play again