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Living in North York – Top 10 Highlights why Tourist should relocate


Not only do residents enjoy the comfort and excitement of living in the heart of the city, but this urban centre also contains vast green spaces, quiet residential streets and welcoming community centres. Moving to one of the stunning new condominiums or a charming home on a secluded road, North York provides the perfect balance between urban and suburban areas.

1. Transportation

Sheppard, Bayview, North York Center and Finch Tube stations are in the North York area, so you know where you live, and you’ll be close to TTC. Some residential units even have direct metro access. North York is also located just north of Interstate 401, so you can also easily connect to the entire Greater Toronto Area.

2. Gardens / green spaces

The Don River and the East and West Parks encompass North York, providing excellent areas for recreation and relaxation. Earl Bales, Glendora, Avondale, Blue Ridge, York Mills, and Bayview Village all offer magnificent gardens for your children as well as a variety of other parquets. There are outdoor pools and baseball diamonds. Windfield’s Park has a trail across the canyon that follows Wilkett Creek. For football lovers, there are civilian soccer fields in North York. Don’t forget the Don Valley Golf Course.

3. Community centres

Right in the centre is Mill Lastman Square, where you can find a farmer’s market on Thursdays and summer entertainment on Sundays, as well as a variety of cultural events, festivals and concerts. It is also home to the North York Library and the famous Douglas Snow Aquarium. The Toronto Center for the Arts is also a great place to watch a performance and nurture your love for the arts.

4. Free time

So you may have known that golf, hiking, and swimming exist in the area, but did you know that there is also skiing and skiing? North York Ski Center and the local rink will keep you energetic and busy all winter. There is also a variety of great gyms, including the newly renovated YMCA, Extreme Fitness and Goodlife Fitness.

5. Affordability

North York has a variety of new and old condominiums, as well as townhouses and homes. There are small family homes and medium and large single-family homes.

6. Low crime rates

Police District 53 has one of the lowest rates of murder and robbery in the city of Toronto. As of June 2010, there have been no reported cases of killings or gun violence for this year, according to Toronto Police Statistics.

7. Shopping

North York has all the shopping and entertainment you would expect in a city. For theatres and great food, you can head to the Empress Walk and Yonge and Sheppard Center. For more sophisticated fashionistas, Bayview Village is known for its collection of boutiques, and you can explore Fairview Mall and Yonge Street Strip for other shopping needs.

8. Great schools

If your children are still in school, North York has a lot of great schools available to them including Earl Haig High School, Claude Watson School of Art, Cardinal Carter Academy of Art, French Montessori School in Toronto and the Montessori School Primary Campus. There are several schools in the Toronto District Schoolboard that have an excellent reputation.

9. Multiculturalism

Just like the city of Toronto, North York prides itself on being a multicultural and diverse neighbourhood. Just take a look at the variety of culinary and cultural experiences that you can immerse yourself in. According to the City of Toronto, North York alone has welcomed a more significant percentage of new immigrants than Toronto as a whole

10. Food and drink

The Yonge Street Strip offers some of the best dining options and variety; all you have to do is peek out on the street for something new and exciting to eat. There are also several well-known favourites like Frog and Firkin, Smokey Joes, Milestones, Moxie’s, Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill, Boston Pizza, and Spring Rolls.