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Leaders who accept and understand science are needed


I doubt that anyone will ditch 2020 — a year once we found ourselves living in fear of an epidemic , witnessing major civil unrest here in Wisconsin, and shocked by the continual string of stories about climate driven disasters everywhere the country.

When the U.S. was attacked 19 years ago on 9/11, there was wide bipartisan support of President Bush’s actions to defend us from terrorists. We were scared but we saw a president who acted sort of a president and commander in chief. Now that we are under fire by an enemy we can’t see, our commander in chief apparently was more curious about getting re-elected than face the music and lead the country out of this mess. the truth is that the present gang within the White home is totally against any major action by the federal . Trump himself said it had been a state responsibility to manage the pandemic, as if this bug are often stopped at state lines.

The Trump administration’s move to negate the message from our country’s doctors also parallels his position on global climate change . Those on top of things of the White House are simply ignoring the topic and putting us at great risk.

Major parts of the U.S. are hit with massive storms, record flooding, or raging wildfires. we’ve seen hurricane force winds tear through places like Iowa and Illinois. One fire in Oregon stretched along a 36 mile front with thousands of homes in peril . Floods from record breaking rain have exhausted communities everywhere the place with Hurricane Sally dropping record amounts of rain within the Gulf States. These events are simply not normal weather patterns and this problem is constant to urge worse per annum . This year, we’ll see a record number of named tropical storms. supported an IPCC study by climate experts worldwide in 2018, we only had 12 years approximately to effectively do something about it. Now we are right down to 10. We simply need to join the remainder of the planet and act now.

When our elected officials ignore science and push their own agenda, we are heading down a really scary path. once you add during a major chunk of our population that gets their news on a small 5 inch screen and from questionable news sources, it also sets the stage for extreme factions to convert voters.

In the early phases of this round of presidential campaigning, some Democratic candidates supported an extreme proposal called the Green New Deal to fight global climate change . More moderate Democrats saw through this and voted for sense with former vice chairman Joe Biden getting the Democratic nomination. The message is obvious . This country doesn’t need leaders who ignore science, push extreme agendas, or support ridiculous conspiracy mindsets; at any level and on either side of the fence