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Employment Authorization in the United States


A US work permits Legally known as employment authorization, the US work permit grants an alien who has legally entered the United States a special privilege. It gives you the right to work in the field. It is not required for US citizens or permanent residents. These particular adults are free to seek employment at any time and in any industry.

United States work permits

Many aliens who have entered the United States meet the eligibility requirements for the permit. Anyone who has been granted or is applying for asylum status has received permission to apply for one of the United States’ works permits. All refugees are equally eligible, as are all students, young adults who have agreed to seek some type of employment.

In addition, those who request that their status be changed to the permanent resident can apply for one of these permits. The same is true for those who have applied for temporary protected status. The fiancé of a US citizen can apply for this work permit. The same applies to dependents of an official of a foreign government.

Those who wish to take advantage of their eligibility must present the necessary documents. These are papers that serve as proof of legal entry. Presentation of a valid passport from any country, along with a legal entry form, is considered proof of legal entry. Certain other items must also be submitted during the filing process for what is known as Form I-765.

Apply for a United States work permit

Anyone wishing to apply for a United States work permit must submit such a form. The document known as I-765 can be obtained at an office of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once completed, it must be submitted, along with the applicant’s original I-94 file and 2 color portraits of the applicant. Each portrait must be the one that was taken in the last 30 days.

The procedure outlined above is the one for someone who needs to seek a paid position. The foreigner who is lucky enough to have a job must follow a different procedure. He or she must file an I-140.

However, filing an I-140 does not guarantee an alien’s ability to obtain a work permit. Immigration authorities also need proof of job offer. This proof must come from the employer. He or she must present an immigration certificate and petition.

If you want to get the work permit in the United States, many proofs and documents are needed at the American consulate. But if you can’t do it all on your own, you can always seek the professional services of an immigration attorney. Not only do immigration attorneys have the necessary experience, but they are also well versed in the nuances of immigration laws and regulations. They assist you every step of the way to help you through the visa process.