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Are you moving to Australia? Five Reasons to Visit Melbourne in Australia


Melbourne in South Australia has been dubbed one of the most liveable cities in the world because it manages to combine all the essential components of a good life such as employment, the standard of living, social and leisure activities, climate, location, accessibility and desire.

If you are looking for an excellent place for immigration, a great place for an extended vacation, or just another place than Sydney to visit on a trip to Australia, here are five reasons to visit Melbourne in Australia out of the hundreds, even thousands of reasons why so many people say this A great place to live, work, rest or play.

1) Great Ocean Road

Melbourne is the starting point of the famous Great Ocean Road. The trail runs along some of Australia’s most picturesque and exciting coastlines. If you start early, you can enjoy eucalyptus forests with koalas, rainforests with fantastic flora and fauna, stunning rock formations, and the natural areas of Port Campbell National Park before returning to town and watching them come to life after dark.

2) Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley can be experienced in many ways, you can fly over it at dawn in a hot air balloon, and you can travel deep there on the oldest steam train in Australia or just hike or drive, the best wine country in Australia. Yarra Valley is right at the gates of Melbourne, which makes Melbourne even more special as you can go from the city that lives on the bustling streets of Melbourne to the rustic tranquillity of the vineyards of the Yarra Valley in less than an hour.

3) Wildlife

Melbourne is home to the oldest zoo in Australia and is also home to several great animal rescue centres and eco centres where you can get up close and personal with indigenous Australian wildlife – see if you can spot kangaroos, emu, wallabies, parrots and koalas On the streets of Melbourne!

4) Nightlife

Whether you want to experience an Epicurean hot air balloon, a trip to a private winery in the Yarra Valley, an overnight dining cruise, or maybe a night tour at Fosters’ brewery, you can find what you are looking for in Melbourne where All cultures and tastes are taken care of.

5) Shopping

Melbourne is known for its excellent shopping and is a shopah’s dream destination. You can wander the hidden fashion corridors and old arcades if you are looking for unusual and eclectic pieces or you can head to the Fashion Triangle which is made up of only three blocks – QV, Melbourne GPO and Melbourne Central – but is home to more than 500 fashion boutiques, stores and stores. You can choose original pieces from local designers or shop the best brands or international designer items in Melbourne.